WWE Hell In A Cell: Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy

Picture Credit score: Invoice Pritchard

(Credt to Lovell Porter of WrestleZone for the protection)

Hell in a Cell Match: Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy


As quickly because the bell rings Hardy is throughout Orton. Orton kicks Hardy within the intestine to take management. Orton pushes Hardy off the apron into the cell. Hardy slams Orton face-first into the cell. Hardy pulls a desk from below the ring. Hardy rides a desk like a surfboard into Orton’s intestine. Hardy pulls a ladder from below the ring and hits Orton with it. Orton hits Hardy within the again with a chair as Hardy tries to place the Ladder within the ring. Orton sends Hardy into the cell. Orton tries to RKO Hardy on a chair. Hardy avoids it and leg lariats Orton into the cage. Hardy lands the Hardiac arrest. Orton kicks out. Hardy goes up high. Orton cuts him off. Orton superplexes Hardy. Hardy kicks out. Whisper within the wind for a close to fall by Hardy. Hardy units up the ladder in a v. Hardy tries to suplex Orton onto it. Orton counters and gourd busters Hardy on the inverted ladder. Orton rips off Hardy’s shirt and hits Hardy with a chair. Orton takes Hardy’s studded belt and whips Hardy with it. Orton locations Hardy in a ladder. Orton traps Hardy’s head in between the rungs of the ladder.

Orton stomps on the ladder. Hardy lands a clothesline adopted by an inverted atomic drop. Basement dropkick by Hardy. Orton kicks out. Orton counters the Twist of Destiny right into a powerslam. Hardy manages to kick out. Orton pulls a screwdriver out of a toolbox from below the ring. Orton traps Hardy’s arms. Orton places a screwdriver in Hardy’s ear gap and twists it again and again. Hardy low blows Orton to flee. Hardy whips Orton with the damaged belt. Hardy hits Orton with a chair again and again. Hardy goes up high. Orton knocks Hardy off the highest rope. Hangman’s DDT by Orton. Hardy reverses the RKO right into a Twist of Destiny. Hardy locations a chair on high of Orton and hits a Swanton Bomb. Orton kicks out! Hardy units as much as ladders within the ring. Hardy provides a desk into the combo as effectively. Hardy lands the Twist of Destiny. Hardy places Orton on the desk. Hardy swings from the highest of the cage however Orton strikes out of the best way. Hardy goes by means of the desk. The referee requires medical assitance. Orton yells on the referee to do his job. The referee counts to 3.

Winner- Randy Orton


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